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Ph.D. in Humanities with concentration in Transformative Learning and Change

California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco, 2007

M.A. in Cinema Studies

San Francisco State University, 2001

B.A. in Broadcast and Electronic Communication Art with concentration in

Radio and Television

San Francisco State University, 1987



“Cinema for Transformation: Towards a Pedagogy of Social Change”



“The Emergence of the New Iranian Cinema in the West”


Canvas, Zoom, Blackboard, Brightspace, E-College, Sakai,


Human Development in the 21st Century, Higher Education Philosophy and Leadership, Experiential & Transformative Learning, Philosophy of Technology,   Media and Social Justice, Ethics, Diversity, Social Justice, Humanities, Digital Humanities , Philosophy & Psychology of Art , Film & Media Studies,  Film History, Critical Pedagogy, Curriculum Design, Qualitative Research Methods, Digital Communication Theory, Mass Communications, Multimedia Journalism, Critical Thinking and Writing,  Visual Culture, Global Cultural Studies



Affiliate Faculty and Dissertation Chair, Doctor of Education in Educational and Professional Practice, Antioch University:

EDU 7100 Social, Philosophical and Historical Contexts of Education, SCC 5042 New Media and Social Justice, EDU 8140 Multicultural & Anti-Racist education, EDU 8250 Social Justice Leadership II, Individualized Masters Program Curriculum (August 2020 – present)

Speaker/Professor, Dominican University of California:

Lectures in Humanities & Technology, Social Media and Our Soul, Is Big Tech Ruining the World: Neoliberalism, Democracy & the Tech Industry, Intersectionality in America

(March 2022 – present)

Speaker/Professor, The Fromm Institute, University of San Francisco:

Lectures in Humanities & Technology, Ex Machina: The Paradox of Being Human in the Digital Age, Social Media and Our Soul, Is Big Tech Ruining the World: Neoliberalism, Democracy & the Tech Industry, Story of California from the Gold Rush to High Tech  

(September 2019 – present)

Research Fellow, FHDA Applied Center for Humanities:

Researching the intersection of technology with the Humanities and presenting to the academic community and public at large

(September 2020 – present)  

Adjunct Honors Faculty, Humanities (online & on campus), Foothill College:

Ex Machina: The Paradox of Being Human in the Digital Age, Global Religions: Contemporary, The Modern World, Cultures, Civilizations & Ideas: The Contemporary World,

(September 2017 – present)

Adjunct Subject Matter Faculty (online), Liberal Studies, University of Massachusetts Global:

Online – Digital Humanities, Art-Technology & Culture, Society-Culture & Literature, Writing and Producing for New Media, Ways-Rhetoric of Knowing, Media Ethics, Literature & Film, Intercultural Communication

(October 2011 – present)

Adjunct Faculty, Hutchins School of Liberal Arts, Sonoma State University:

LIBS320 series: Upper division courses in liberal arts for teachers

(August 2019 – June 2020)

Faculty & SME (Subject Matter Expert), Media, Social Justice, Diversity, Communications, Adler University:

Online- Graduate Course development and curriculum design (M.A. in Media and Communications)

Online-Teaching—User Behavior Effects, Cyber Journalism, Multimedia Studies

(January 2016 – June 2017)

Adjunct Faculty & SME, Doctoral Program in Humanities & Culture, Union Institute & University:

Visual Culture, New Media & Social Change, Engaging Difference

(January 2009 – December 2011)

Associate Professor (Adjunct), Language Arts Division, College of San Mateo:

Introduction to Film, Film History, Screenwriting, American Culture/Cinema, Digital Experimental Filmmaking, Film Noir, World Cinema, Middle Eastern Cinema

(June 2001 – August 2010)

Lecturer, Cinema Department, San Francisco State University:

Introduction to Cinema Studies, Critical Studies

(May 2001 – December 2001)


General manager/Producer, Independent Media Producers (A Division of Quintessential Media Inc.)

Producing audio visual programs, organizing professional meetings and events, managing the day to day operation of the company

(January 1990 – June 2001)





Meditations on Resistance: An Inquiry into AI, Critical Media Literacy, and Social Justice

Editor and Contributor, February, 2023, Peter Lang publishing

Deus Ex Machina: The Art of Being Human in the Digital Age

In progress

Movies Change Lives: Toward a Pedagogy of Humanistic Transformation

January, 2016, Peter Lang Publishing,  

ISBN: 978-1-4331-2773-1

Lost in Media: Ethics of Everyday Life

Co-editor and Contributor, May, 2013 Peter Lang Publishing

 ISBN: 978-1-4331-1367-8

Hollywood’s Exploited: Corporate Movies, Public Pedagogy and Cultural Crisis

Co-editor and Contributor, December, 2010 Palgrave MacMillan Press

ISBN 978-0-230-62199-2

Deconstructing the Mystique: AnInterdisciplinaryIntroduction to Cinema 

Kendall/Hunt Publishing

2nd Edition, 2009 ISBN 978-0-7575-6023-1

1st Edition, 2005  ISBN 0-7575-1940-7

Papers in Journals and Chapters in Books

Critical Media Literacy (chapter)

3 Volume Handbook of Critical Pedagogy (Sage Publication).


Recipient of the 2022 American Educational Studies Association Critics’ Choice Book Award

Ethics of Criticism in the Age of New Media

World Futures Journal of General Evolution.  (Under peer review)

The Transformative Intellectual: an examination of Henry Giroux’s ethics

Policy Futures in Education, Forthcoming, Volume 10, Number 6, 2012  (peer-reviewed)

Hollywood and Nonhuman Animals: Problematic Ethics of Corporate Cinema.

Chapter in Hollywood’s Exploited: Corporate Movies, Public Pedagogy and Cultural Crisis

2010, Palgrave MacMillan Press ISBN 978-0-230-62199-2 (peer-reviewed)   

Hollywood’s Cinema of Ableism: A Disability Studies Perspective on the Hollywood.

Chapter in Hollywood’s Exploited: Corporate Movies, Public Pedagogy and Cultural Crisis

2010, Palgrave MacMillan Press ISBN 978-0-230-62199-2 (peer-reviewed)   

Dissident Cinema: Defying the Logic of Globalization. Chapter in Global Studies Association 2007 Annual Book, 2008. Changemaker Press (peer-reviewed) .

Papers in Global Electronic Sites

Teaching Cinema for Transformation

Published July, 2014

Bob Dylan and the Ethics of Market Fascism

Published February, 2014

300: Proto-fascism and Manufacturing of Complicity Published April, 2007

Under review at Film Quarterly

Complex Cinema: Becoming Dissident Cinema Published January, 2007

The Truman Show: Cinema of Active Imagination. A Jungian Analysis.

CG Jung Center Published July, 2005Translated to French & published in Les Cahiers Jungiens de Psychanalyse, France, 2007ISBN 9782915781137

Hollywood an Agent of Hegemony: The War Film

Alternative Press Review (August 2004)

Dissident Voice (  August 2004)

Translated to Polish & published in Kultura popularna Journal, Poland, 2005

Translated to Farsi & Published in Golestaneh Scholarly Journal, Iran, 2007

Faces of Islam: Debunking Orientalism, Why I am not a terrorist     

College Newspaper: College of San Mateo (April 2004)

Digital Media: Two Emerging Philosophies

Cinema Trade: Monthly Magazine in Tehran, Iran (April 2003 issue)


Featured Speaker: AI, Neoliberalism, and the Human Condition in the 21st Century

O.P. Jindal Global University, India (May 11, 2022)

Featured Speaker: Digital Humanities

University of San Francisco Mellon Scholars Conference (April 23, 2022)

Featured Speaker: The Singularity is Now Conference by FHDA Center for Applied Humanities

[Lecture delivered: AI and Social Justice in an age of Neo-Liberalism]

Foothill College (November 5, 2021)

TED Speaker: TEDx Brandman in Irvine, California

Cinema for Solidarity & Social Justice (May 11, 2021)

Guest Speaker: 2020 Active Learning Leaders Teaching Conference

[Lecture delivered: Teaching AI via AI]

Palomar College (January 25, 2020)

Featured Speaker: Critical Media Literacy

Bridging Humanities Across Disciplines Conference, University of San Francisco (October 25, 2019)

Featured Speaker: Consciousness in the Age of New Media

California Institute for Human Science Symposium 2018 (September 16, 2018)

Guest Speaker: 2016 Active Learning Leaders Teaching Conference

[Lecture delivered: Learning Semiotics: teaching Critical Media Literacy Through Dialogic Pedagogy]

Palomar College (October 29, 2016)

Featured Speaker: Movies Change Lives

Arts & Lecture Series for Santa Rosa College District (February 22, 2016)

Guest Speaker/Panelist: Iran: Enemy or Friend

Santa Rosa Junior College (October 17, 2014)

Guest Speaker: Argosy University, Speaker Series

Ethics and Cinema (August 8, 2013)

Guest Speaker/Panelist, Engaging the Other: The Power of Compassion. Common Bond Institute, 5th Annual Conference at Sonoma State University

Presentation: The representation of Muslims in the West and Cultural Transformation (November 20, 2010)

Guest Speaker/Panelist, Modern Media Dialogue Series at Sonoma State University

Neoliberalism and the Media

February 10, 2010    

Guest Speaker/Panelist, Diversity in Action Group at College of San Mateo

Palestine/Israel: Conflict with Global Implications

Film Screening (Occupation 101), analysis, and Dialogue (May, 2009)

Guest Lecturer, Union University EdD Program

Media and Media Culture

Lecturer, Radical Philosophy Association Eight Biennial Conference,

San Francisco State University.

Presentation: “Cinema For Transformation: Towards a Pedagogy of Social Change”

(November, 2008)

Lecturer, Women Studies Department, San Francisco State University.

Lecture Series in Feminisim.

Presentation: “Representation of Women in Hollywood: Backlash against Feminism since Reaganism” (October, 2008)

Lecturer, Global Studies Annual Conference, UC Irvine.

Contested Terrains of Globalization.

Presentation: “Experimental Cinema of Complexity, The Internet and Their Global Implications” (May 2007)

Lecturer, CCHA Pacific-Western Division, Annual Conference, Los Angeles.

Paper Delivered, “Mississipi Masala: An Inquiry into Meaning of Home” (November 2006)

Lecturer, College of San Mateo, “The Year of Languages” Conference, Paper Delivered, “Cross-cultural Communications” (April 2005)

Lecturer, State University NY, Binghamton, NY, “Literature, Film and War” Paper Delivered, “Hollywood and Hegemony” (March 2004)

Lecturer, College of San Mateo, “Faces of Islam” Conference

Paper Delivered, “Debunking Orientalism: I am not a Terrorist” (March 2004)

Lecturer, CCHA Pacific-Western Division, Annual Conference, San Francisco. Paper Delivered, “Changing Focus: Teaching Film in the 21st Century” at “Rewriting the City” (November 2002)

Lecturer, University of Dramatic Arts, Tehran, Iran:

Paper Delivered, “American Media, Past, Present, Future” (August 2002) 

Lecturer, Department of Cinema, San Francisco State University:

Paper Delivered, “The Unveiling of New Iranian Cinema” at “ID VIP, 2001” symposium

Lecturer, House of Cinema Festival, Tehran, Iran:

Paper Delivered, “Third World Cinema in the West”  (July 2000)

Lecturer, Department of Cinema, San Francisco State University:

Paper Delivered, “Post-modernism and the Digital Technology” at “Changing Frame” symposium 2000




KRCB 91.1 & 90.9 FM (public radio/ NPR)

Conversation with Daedalus Howell, CS Media Labs (on critical media literacy)

Conversation with Daedalus Howell, CS Media Labs (on philosophy, cinema, and politics)

Truthout Interviews featuring Tony Kashani on Bob Dylan and Market Fascism

Topics in Ethics, Union Institute & University Doctoral Program

Conversation with Koorosh Ostowari, Integral Teacher, Union Institute & University Doctoral Program

KCSM (Public Television) San Mateo, California. March 28, 2011, Topic: State of Education in California. Program: Bay Today.

KCSM (Public Television) San Mateo, California. May 14, 2010, Topic: Profile of exceptional Professor. Program: Bay Today.

KPFA 94.1 FM, (Public Radio) Berkeley, California. January 29, 2007, Topic: Cinema & Ideology. Program: Against the Grain –



Scholar Member of Cultural Studies Association –

Scholar Member of Global Studies Association (North America) –

Scholar Member of Radical Philosophy Association –

Scholar Member of The Freire Project –

Co-Director of Modern Media Dialogue Project at Hutchins School of Liberal Arts, Sonoma State University



Shamlou the Planetary Poet, Work in Progress

An Imperial Message, 1999 (short based on Kafka’s story)

Mercury Retrograde, 1998 (Feature Film Noir)



Farsi/Persian (fluent written and spoken)

Turkish/Azerbaijani (fluent spoken)



Provided Upon Request