1. Movies Change Lives: Pedagogy of Humanistic Transformation Through Cinema (Peter Lang Press, 2016) Movies Change Lives: Pedagogy of Constructive Humanistic  Transformation Through Cinema (Minding the Media): 9781433127731: Kashani,  Tony: Books

«Tony Kashani has written an engaging and thought-provoking philosophical meditation on what cinema, from Hollywood blockbusters to Italian neo-realism, can teach us about our socio-political predicament. The fascinating discussion of film noir alone is worth the price of admission.»
(David Ingram, Professor of Philosophy, Loyola University Chicago)

«Movies Change Lives is a brilliant engagement with film as a form of public pedagogy. Broadening the scope of the meaning of education and its possibilities as a crucial sphere of learning, Tony Kashani demonstrates the profound importance of understanding film as a pedagogical site that both informs and closes down how we understand the relationship between ourselves and others. Every educator should read this book.»
(Henry Giroux, Author of The Violence of Organized Forgetting (2015))

«Tony Kashani is one of our shrewdest and most brilliant cultural analysts. Driven by his faith in cinema as an art form par excellence for raising consciousness, he boldly looks to do no less than re-humanize society through film. A remarkable goal!»
(Toby Miller, Author of Blow Up the Humanities (2012))

«Tony Kashani has given us a deeply humanistic examination of today’s cinema and its potential to transform human consciousness that is both thoughtful and delightful to read.»
(Allan Combs, Professor of Consciousness Studies, California Institute of Integral Studies)

2. Deconstructing the Mystique: An Interdisciplinary Introduction to Cinema, 2nd Edition 2009.

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by Tony Kashani

ISBN: 978-0-7575-6023-1
Copyright: 2009
Edition: 02
Discipline: film

3. HOLLYWOOD’S EXPLOITED: Public Pedagogy, Corporate Movies, and Cultural Crisis (Palgrave Mac Millan Press, 2010)

Hollywood's Exploited: Public Pedagogy, Corporate Movies, and Cultural Crisis (Education, Politics and Public Life)


Benjamin Frymer, Tony Kashani, Anthony J. Nocella II, Richard Van Heertum , Lawrence Grossberg (Foreword)

A rich and varied collection of commentaries, offering insightful critiques and sociological sensibilities. Of interest to ordinary film buffs and cinematic specialists alike.

– Michael Parenti, author of “Make-Believe Media and Contrary Notions”

This is an important text that sheds a powerful new light on the exploitation industry we have come to know as Hollywood. It is a book that demands a close reading.– Dr. Peter McLaren, UCLA, Graduate School of Education and Information


4. LOST IN MEDIA: Ethics of Everyday Life (Peter Lang Press, 2013)

Lost in Media: The Ethics of Everyday Life (Minding the Media):  9781433113666: Communication Books @

Lost in Media examines collectively the ethical issues that have arisen in media-driven everyday life and will that arise as paradigm shifts occur on a global scale. Films, television and the new media often serve the globalization aims of a capitalist society as they function to socially reproduce the hegemonic norms, values, and styles of the larger society. Chapters in the book use the tradition of critical theory to look at issues of free market fundamentalism, journalism’s erosion of communication of truth, public relations ethics of perception management; yielding self-censorship in the media, entertainment media pedagogically cultivating consumerism and docility, music and morality, misrepresentation of resistance movements, ethics of spectatorship, and the transformation of everyday ethics.

5. Introduction to Mass Communications (SRJC, 2011)

A collection of essays and reports on media.